Needlework Framing


The main purpose of the frame is to complement and enhance the needlework and together with the glass and the backing encases and seals the needlework with its mount from the outside atmosphere. This protects it from dust and moisture ensuring it remains attractive for a long time.


the Frame & Glass

The frame style is as important as the mount colour and should be chosen to complement the needlework and mount selection.

The frames used for needlework framing are usually at least 20-25mm deep because the depth of the mounted needlework.

We have a wide selection of frame styles available, gold and silver, natural wood finishes, and coloured wood finishes.

The images below give an idea of the range. We can email pictures of any selections you make.


The majority of the time plain glass is sufficient for framing needlework, but sometimes there is the need for special types of glass. We can also offer Ultraviolet (UV) Filtered Glass, Diffused Reflection Glass, Museum Glass.


In this example the the frame style chosen is a blue-grey which complements the inner mount colour and the darker colours in the needlework.

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