Needlework Framing


Before it is mounted or framed your needlework needs to be laced and gently stretched over an archival foam centred board to ensure an even tension across the piece.

Cost of the mount and frame is dependant on the accurately measured size of your laced piece. For an approximate measurement place your work on a flat surface and measure in cm the width and the length of the image you want to see. You may want to leave some space around the needlework so include that in the measurement.

When your needlework arrives I will make an accurate measurement and inform you of the total cost of the work before going ahead, including delivery.


the Mount Colour

A wide selection of mount colours are available and this may be discussed on the phone or by email with pictures.

Choose a colour

Choose a highlight colour from your work to be the inner edge of the double mount. The outer mount will be of a neutral colour to suit the frame.

You may decide that your needlework will look better without the need for a mount, eg samplers often have an outer edge of stitching, and in this case we use a spacer to prevent the fabric from touching the glass.

In some cases a strong colour for the outer mount, such as red or dark green, can add boldness to the work and make it suit the framing without the need for an inner colour.


In this example the inner mount is a blue which highlights some of the blue threads in the work, the outer being a neutral colour, usually a white or pale cream.

Call us during opening hours to discuss your options, or if you are in the area visit us at the gallery.

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